Posted Jan 14, 2013 by Gym Source in FIT Fact and tagged cold weather, Exercise tips, hypothermia.

For Cold Weather Fitness, Check the Weather

Love working out in cold weather, but nervous about hypothermia? Recently, the American Council on Fitness posted recommendations for exercising in frigid climes. Among the guidelines they suggest include these two: (a) Always check the air temperature and wind-chill factor (a combined effect of temperature and wind) before exercising in the cold. While data from the National Safety Council suggest little danger to individuals with properly-clothed skin exposed at 20° F (even with a 30 mph wind)— when the wind-chill factor falls below –20° F, individuals with exposed skin can be at risk; (b) When wind-chill kicks up, be sure to wear a mask or a scarf to warm the air you inhale.

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