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Fix Your Weakest Link: Biking

It’s hard to perform perfectly on every part of your triathlon, since each sport requires different muscles and natural abilities. Nonetheless, if you’re where you want to be with running and swimming—but biking is your weak link—don’t despair. With the right training and equipment, you can achieve remarkable improvements in the biking leg of your tri. Here are some tips.

It goes without saying that training year-round on an indoor cycle can have significant benefits for your triathlon cycling performance. Indoor cycling allows you to ride any time, regardless of the weather or time of day. (You can also control your environment, instead of being at the mercy of potholes and other outdoor hazards.)

Triathletes appreciate that many indoor bikes enable them to adjust and customize the level of resistance based on the actual course they’re training for. Plus, with the incredible technology embedded within today’s most popular indoor cycles, it’s easy to monitor your progress and know which legs of your race need fine-tuning.  Finally, one major advantage of riding indoors is that it forces you to constantly pump your legs—no coasting allowed!

At Gym Source, we’re proud of the indoor cycles we sell to help triathletes of all levels reach their goals. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Revmaster Pro Training Bike: This indoor cycle has a similar design to a road bike, so it’s ideal for triathlon training. Adjust it to fit your body and your goals. Customize your resistance level and check your progress, time and distance with an intuitive display.
  • Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue: This bike works with a special carbon fiber belt that provides a similar feel to the chain of an outdoor bike. This helps you get the feel of outdoor riding while you’re training indoors, to better prepare for your triathlon.
  • Tour De France Pro 4.0: You’ll get a great idea of professional courses with this indoor cycle because it uses Google Maps to mimic 25 of them (including the Tour de France, of course). Adjust the gears, as well as the incline and decline, to maximize your workout. Also, use the display to watch your time, speed and other performance stats.

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To find the perfect indoor cycle for your triathlon training, talk to a Gym Source professional at one of our showrooms today.

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