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Fitness Balls and Accessories to Up Your Game

The key to committing to a fitness plan is variety. If you do too much of the same thing, your brain will grow bored and your body could plateau. Picking up some accessories to amp up your workout is essential. Exercise and fitness balls come in a number of varieties  and push your cardio and strength workouts to the next level.

Bosu Ball – The Bosu Ball is great for balance and stability. You can use one to modify almost any floor exercise and take advantage of the instability of the Bosu to increase core strength.

Medicine Balls – Medicine Balls come in a broad range of sizes and weights to suit any exercise or strength level. They are great to use in conjunction with your typical daily workout to add additional weight or as a platform to force yourself to balance a little more (using more muscles!) These Medicine Balls by SPRI have an easy-grip textured surface and are color-coded by weight.

Stability Ball – Stability balls are widely known to assist with enhancing and improving your overall core strength. Without a strong core, other muscle groups overcompensate to bear your weight, which can lead to pain and discomfort. Learn more about the importance of building core strength in our blog Training Inside Out with Core Workouts.

Slam Balls – Slam Balls are an awesome, hardcore addition to the fitness ball list. They allow you to get your energy out full-force while bearing weight, so during use you are constantly engaging important muscle groups. These Slam Balls are considered unbreakable due to their unique design.

Massage BallsTrigger Point Massage Balls help you work through minor aches and pains associated with working out. They have a patented texture that actually mimics the pressure of a human thumb to work through tightness in almost any part of the body.

If you are looking for a way to bump up the intensity of your workout but are tired of the same type of equipment, check out the wide variety of fitness balls and accessories on our website. Make sure to study form and function of any accessory so you can minimize injury risk and maximize your results!

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