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Posted Sep 28, 2012 by Gym Source in Fitness Industry News and tagged Bodyguard, fitness innovation, iFit, imagine app, Tour de France, treadmill, wireless.

Finally, there’s an app for that.

Remember the days before smartphones, tablets and wifi connections? Maybe you prefer not to (I sure don’t), but it seems most fitness equipment manufacturers are still stuck in that bygone era.

Finally, however, some are catching up to how we really live—and harnessing wireless technology to its full fitness potential.

Take Pro-Form’s Tour de France indoor cycle (previously covered here), which uses iFit® technology (itself powered by Google Maps) to download and create topographically authentic routes for riders. How popular is this bike? Here’s a hint: It’s been the most-searched indoor cycle on Google for the past 4 months.

(Gym Source carries the Tour de France indoor cycle, of course, and we have a tough time keeping them in stock.)

But when it comes to really tapping into wireless technology, the simply-amazing imagine app has everyone else beat. Imagine is an iPad app that converts compatible treadmills from Bodyguard Fitness into a one-stop wonderland of fitness and entertainment. What makes it so cool? This: Not only does imagine integrate the entertainment value of your iPad with your treadmill—allowing you to watch movies, Skype, listen to music, read, surf, you name it—it actually enables your iPad to be the treadmill’s console.

I’ve been in this industry a long time, and to me, imagine is one of the biggest innovations ever to hit the world of fitness. Enabling iPads—which can travel from machine to machine—to essentially replace fixed consoles, opens up HUGE possibilities for fitness enthusiasts. From setting goals, to hitting goals, to sharing information—to simply customizing and enjoying the workout experience more—imagine is a sign of progress poised to revolutionize how fitness manufacturers design their equipment from the word go.

Together, iFit and imagine are ushering in a new fitness era driven by the digital age—one where a customized, user-generated experience is king. I say, bring it on.

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