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Feel the Love for Octane’s LateralX

For months now, Octane has been promoting the October launch of its new LateralX cross trainer. Company materials (and YouTube video) highlight its innovative ‘3D’ workout capabilities—up and down, back and forth, and now side-to-side—but the question remains: Can we believe the hype?

Oh, yes we can.

Not only is the LatX just as easy and comfortable as other Octane cross trainers, not only is it simply that much more authentic in its ability to prepare your body for game-day—and not only is the darn thing a blast to ride—but the technology driving the LatX is a game-changer.

Simply put, with the LatX, Octane solidifies its definitive leadership position among all other cross training equipment manufacturers out there.

How does the LatX work? Just as playing any sport forces your body into multiple positions, the LatX offers electronically adjustable side-by-side motion controls that expand your workout beyond a single plane. It’s an innovation with real benefits: With lateral motion, the LatX better replicates ‘real world’ movement, which helps with everything from sports practice, to balance training, to weight loss to boosting energy.

Plus, don’t forget the calorie-burning component: With the LatX, Octane proves that adding lateral motion to your training program utilizes more muscles—helping you burn 27% more calories than conventional elliptical trainers. What’s more, research shows that the lateral motion enabled by the LatX represents a 30% increase in hip abduction, hip adduction and knee extension over traditional ellipticals (meaning more flexibility and less injury).

So, just how much buzz is the LatX generating? “We’re very excited about the overwhelming response we’ve received leading up to the product launch,” says Ryan Pertile, Marketing Director for Octane Fitness. “We’ve gotten 4 times the number of pre-orders than expected. The demand behind the LateralX has been so well-received that we honestly cannot get them produced and into our warehouse quick enough.”

In short, the Octane LatX is more than worthy of its hype. This machine represents a level of technological progress whose time has come, and whose benefits can be enjoyed by fitness enthusiasts of every age and ability. Bravo, Octane—keep those innovations coming.

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