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Featured Product: T-Grip Barbell

Looking to add variety to your weight lifting routine? Try the T-Grip Barbell. The T-Grip barbell provides a neutral grip, and offers multiple grip options with its unique and versatile design. Essentially a straight bar enhanced with cambered curl grips and vertical grips in an effective diamond pattern, the T-Grip Barbell increases your grip-angle options—and the breadth of exercises you can perform while using it.

What’s more, the design of the T-Grip Barbell puts less stress on your body during workouts, minimizing injury. This feature makes it perfect for beginners and lifters returning from injury (although lifting veterans will love its versatility, too).

Specifically, the bar design enhances the user’s ability to perform forward squats and dynamic forward lunges. Ask your personal trainer about it; coaches and athletes continually come up with new, effective ways to incorporate it into their training routines.

Outside the gym, the T-Grip Barbell provides an excellent way to work out at home. It comes with 2.5-, 5- and 10-lb. weight plates; plus, its 1-in. in diameter bar size fits any standard weight plate. The 7-lb. bar weight not only makes it great for beginning lifters, but it’s easy to use and move with any power cage, and store when the weight plates are off.

Talk to a Gym Source representative to learn even more about the T-Grip barbell!

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