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Featured Product: Scosche RHYTHM Armband Pulse Monitor

I’m always impressed when everyday technology is applied to fitness—particularly to something as important as heart rate monitoring. That’s why the Scosche RHYTHM Armband Pulse Monitor is one of my new favorites.

First and foremost, the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor provides a very accurate heart rate reading. Even without the bulky cheststraps found on conventional monitors, the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor indicates when you’re pushing too hard, taking it too easy, and reaching your fitness goals overall.  It’s the first non-cheststrap monitor with any reliable accuracy that I have found.

But what really sets the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor apart from other monitors is its unique ability to wirelessly integrate with your smartphone or tablet.  This is because it uses Bluetooth, so it pairs with your smartphone or tablet.

Here’s what that means for you: With the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor, not only can you wirelessly access your favorite music during your workout, but you can also monitor your heart rate (among other stats, like distance and calories burned) across multiple machines and routines as you move around the gym.

That’s right. To gauge your body’s performance as you move from the Cybex Arc Trainer, to the bench press, to leg lifts, to yoga, all you need is the downloadable Scosche RHYTHM app from iTunes or Google Play. Once installed, you can use the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor to track your pulse, calories burned, distance, speed and pace for the duration of your workout—and store the data wirelessly right to your smartphone or tablet.

What’s more, the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor provides a personalized home screen that shows:

  • A detailed workout summary of your average pulse, calories burned, distance run, speed and pace.
  • A workout calendar that tracks your previous workout stats.
  • A route map that allows you to see your distance and route as an actual map.
  • A customized online dashboard that enables you to review individual workouts and monitor your progress.

Nobody else comes close to providing what Scosche has created with the RHYTHM Pulse Monitor. It’s an excellent example of a manufacturer maximizing the technology we’re accustomed to, and bringing it to the gym. And like all app-driven products, it updates and gets better as time goes on.

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