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Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employee:          Terry Klysz

Location:             Paramus, NJ

Since:                   2000

Quotable:           When a client buys from Gym Source, I congratulate them—because they’ve made a purchase that will make a huge difference in their lives.”

If it seems like Terry Klysz has spent his 35-year professional career entirely in the fitness industry, it’s because he has. For more than 3 decades, Terry has helped people look great, get strong and take their fitness to the next level—which is exactly why Terry is this month’s featured employee at Gym Source.

The sales manager at Gym Source’s Paramus, NJ, showroom, Terry wholly attributes his to his 20-year personal training and health club management career prior to joining the Gym Source team.

“I started out as a personal trainer in New York City,” he explains. “From there, I moved into health club management; I ran two clubs in Manhattan, and managed a national training program to help other club leaders learn how to build their business.”

Twenty years later, Terry wanted a change. “When I walked into the Gym Source showroom in New York to see about opportunities, I already knew the store carried top-of-the-line equipment. It was a totally natural transition,” he explains. “I think I was hired that very same day.”

In helping his clients find the right fitness solutions that meet their needs, Terry draws heavily from his prior health club management experience. “It’s all about them,” Terry says of his clients. “From the moment people walk through that door, I’m listening to them. I’m working to understand their goals, so that I can match them to the ideal solution that gets results.”

Another big component of his success, says Terry—and one that only Gym Source provides—is delivery. In fact, Terry takes great pride in the Gym Source delivery team overall.

“Just the other day,” he says, “a personal trainer called me. It was a Monday, and his client needed a full gym—with a Hoist PTS Ensemble 3, Hampton Urethane Hex Dumbbells, a Hoist HF 5165 bench, an Octane Q35, and Humane Loktuff flooring cut wall-to-wall—installed at his home for a party that Friday. We pulled it off in two days. That’s the real strength of Gym Source, and it enables me to sell Gym Source equipment with such confidence: premiere quality and exceptional delivery under any circumstance.”

Even when he’s not at the Paramus showroom, Terry enjoys keeping fit with Gym Source equipment at his Manhattan residence. “My favorite piece, hands down, is the Cybex arc trainer,” he says. “It’s simply the best cardio equipment ever made.”

Ultimately, the premium equipment sold by Gym Source combined with a top-notch team of delivery and installation professionals makes for an exceptional client experience. “I can’t say enough about our delivery team and our dispatchers,” he says. “Rocio Rodriguez and Roland Kerr, two of our delivery guys—they’re incredible. It’s a physically demanding job, and they make it happen every time. And when we do things right, it’s allows me to make a real difference in people’s lives. That’s why I love this job.”

See how Terry and his Gym Source team in Paramus can help make a difference in your life, by calling (201) 576-0200, by visiting the Paramus showroom, or by shopping Gym Source online.

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