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Posted Jul 15, 2015 by Gym Source in Cardio Training and tagged Cybex Arc Trainer, octane lateralx, Power Plate.

FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Marty Weinbaum | New York City

Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employee:      Marty Weinbaum

Location:        New York City

Since:              1998

Quotable:       “I call myself a fitness concierge because I do everything for my clients. Most of our competition gives out several numbers to call during the purchase process. The only number I give out is my cell phone. And I let clients know that it’s OK to call me anytime. They are the reason I do what I do.”

Fitness expert, technology buff, customer service specialist—Marty Weinbaum wears a lot of important hats at Gym Source, but none more beloved than that of Commercial Sales Representative, a role he’s perfected since joining the team in 1998. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Marty as July’s Gym Source featured employee.

Growing up, Marty was active in baseball, football and competitive swimming. He was also very involved (and still is) in Boy Scouts. As a Scout, his troop undertook major hiking expeditions throughout New York State’s Adirondack and Catskill mountain ranges—which instilled a passion for outdoor living that endures. “Even today,” says Marty, “I still attack the Adirondack High Peaks each summer with friends.”

After high school, Marty continued pursuing sports, but his heart led him toward the entertainment industry. “I wanted to become a radio personality,” he says, “but I realized it wouldn’t support me. I was referred to Gym Source by a friend of the company’s owner, and the rest is history.”

As a sales representative focused on helping Gym Source’s commercial clientele—from fitness facilities, to multifamily housing units, to spas and hotels—Marty’s primary responsibilities include meeting with potential and current clients to discuss their many and varied needs. As a project proceeds, Marty is a commercial client’s go-to pro for fitness space design, equipment selection, contractor communication, equipment installation and ongoing maintenance and repair.

Most importantly, Marty is the only person they ever need to call—which is why he calls himself the fitness concierge. “I want people to feel at ease when they think about fitness in their facility,” Marty explains, “so I make it easy for them. Maybe they need to make a decision about what product to choose—I can help them with research to guide their decision. Or maybe something isn’t working right. Whatever they need, I want my clients to have one person to call—that’s me.”

Marty’s intense focus on customer service has served Gym Source well—especially in multi-use environments. Take what he shared about one Manhattan hotel: “One of my major clients was having noise issues,” he explains. “Noise from the gym could be heard in a new restaurant they built beneath the fitness center—after the fitness center had been already been open about a year. A call from the hotel’s GM prompted me to visit the site, recreate the issue, and offer several options to alleviate the problem. Not only was the problem solved, but Gym Source is now the preferred vendor of that hotel brand nationwide and we’ve created several new facilities for them.”

Almost as much as he loves his clients, Marty loves the technology that drives the fitness industry forward. Since today’s equipment features such incredible high-tech features, he enjoys showing clients how the technology can boost results. “I always look for the most fun and innovative products,” he says. “I can’t get enough of them. The upside is that I understand the back-end of what’s involved, and can usually troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently. I can explain to a client in layman’s terms what’s needed to properly operate every machine—and help them communicate all the benefits and options they can offer their members.”

When asked to pick his favorite machines, Marty doesn’t hesitate. “I love the Cybex Arc Trainer because it’s so unique, and I feel so good after using it,” he says. “Also, the Power Plate has been enormously helpful to me personally. I used to have terrible problems with my Achilles tendon, but after a week in the Power Plate, I haven’t felt any pain in my heel in over 8 years!”

Finally, Marty loves the Octane Lateral X. “This machine engages muscles you don’t normally use,” he gushes, “and it feels great!”

Get to know what else Marty loves about Gym Source by visiting a showroom near you.

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