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FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Chris Cesare | Gym Source Sarasota

Each month, Gym Source is featuring an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employee:          Chris Cesare

Location:             Sarasota, FL

Quotable:           “I love when I ‘get it right’ for my clients, and they achieve whatever goals they’re shooting for—be it health, fitness, or relief from stress and pain.”

As  manager of the Gym Source showroom in Sarasota, FL, Chris Cesare meets clients across all walks of life. His favorite part of the job? Helping clients develop a program that works for them: “All kinds of clients come into our store,” he says, “and they all need the right advice. With so many choices available and clients unsure about what’s right for them, I love being part of the solution.”

Having worked in the fitness industry for many years as a teacher and coach, Chris began his relationship with Gym Source as a client. As a facilities manager at Columbia University in New York City, Chris managed two large gym renovations for the school; Gym Source provided expertise and equipment for both projects. “Gym Source really did a great job,” says Chris. “Richard Miller (Gym Source CEO) was very hands-on with our project. I ended up getting to know him a little and respect him a lot. Working with us wasn’t easy, and Gym Source really delivered.”

Now, as a Gym Source team member, keeping his clients healthy is Chris’s goal, no matter what the challenge. Case in point: One of Chris’s clients with chronic health problems purchased a stationary bike. After learning about this client’s issues, Chris recommended a strategy for ongoing strength training. With each conversation, the client got more and more invested in improving his health and strength. As they researched options together, Chris’s client got fitter and stronger with his bike—and his whole outlook improved. Ultimately, he purchased a Cybex Bravo functional trainer for upper body strength and balance, and a treadmill and leg press for cardio and lower body training. “This client is happier, healthier, stronger, and excited to continue his quest toward full recovery and long-term health,” says Chris.

When asked about a favorite piece of equipment, Chris doesn’t hesitate. “My favorite machine is the Cybex Arc Trainer, hands down,” he says. “I truly believe in the Arc. It gives a great cardio-aerobic workout along with a great total body power workout—without being hard on your hips, knees and spine. Plus, customer feedback on the Arc is phenomenal, and Cybex’s support on the unit is second-to-none. It’s a product almost anyone can use.”

To learn more about Gym Source solutions and solution-minded team members like Chris Cesare, visit Gym Source online or at a showroom near you.

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