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FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Chris Blake | Gym Source Orlando

Each month, Gym Source is featuring an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employee:  Chris Blake

Location:    Orlando, FL

Since:         January, 2014

Quotable:  “How you treat people when they’re not buying will determine if they want to purchase from you when they’re ready to buy.”

From a young age, Chris Blake knew his future would include fitness. “I loved gym,” he says. “In my other classes, I was that kid secretly reading a fitness magazine between the pages of my text book.”

Now a popular sales associate at Gym Source’s Orlando showroom, Chris freely expresses his passion for connecting clients with the perfect fitness technology. “I love being able to show unconventional solutions that my clients haven’t considered, but that might be easier for them,” explains Chris. “I had one client who came in looking for free weights, because that’s what he’d done as a kid. But given his prior injuries, I suggested a rower. He brought it home and loves it. He didn’t realize that he could get a full-body strength workout with a lower impact that what he was considering.”

What’s his secret to earning that kind of trust? To Chris, it comes down to giving each and every client personalized attention. “When someone walks into Gym Source, they deserve everything I have to give—regardless of whether they’re purchasing a one-dollar accessory or $10,000 machine.”

It also means discussing fitness solutions in ways that put clients at ease. “A lot of people come in lately, and they want to know about the Octane Zero Runner,” says Chris. “It’s a totally new and unfamiliar technology to them. My job is to make it relatable. ‘Remember when the iPhone came out?’ I’ll ask them. ‘Remember thinking that phones would never be the same? Well, that’s what the Zero Runner is doing for cardio.’ Then they get it.”

Originally from South Bend, IN, Chris spent his childhood cheering for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Over the years, his fandom grew to include the Texas Titans and the Orlando Magic (for which he proudly sports tattoos). So, it’s no wonder Chris’s favorite part of working for Gym Source is the strong team atmosphere.

“Gym Source takes care of its employees better than any company I’ve worked for,” says Chris. “These are genuine people who love to help, even in a competitive environment. Everyone really looks out for each other.”

Chris especially appreciates that the Gym Source team really looks out for its clients. Regardless of a client’s goal or ability level—when they get to Gym Source, they win.

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