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Posted May 15, 2015 by Gym Source in Featured Employee and tagged customer service, Cybex 770T, Cybex BRAVO, Featured Employee, Hoist PTS, TRX.

FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Carlos Lopez | Greenwich, CT

Each month, Gym Source is featuring an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employee:      Carlos Lopez

Location:        Greenwich, Connecticut

Since:              2012

Quotable:      “Day in and day out, I pride myself with providing the best service and support to all people who walk through the door—whether they are a past or future customer.”

This month’s featured Gym Source employee is Carlos Lopez, store manager at our Greenwich, CT, showroom—and part of a core team of professionals who facilitate Gym Source e-commerce initiatives. Carlos, who can trace his love for fitness back to his youth, wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I grew up in a neighborhood with an abundance of other kids, so after school and all summer I played sports until the street lights came on,” he explains. At 15, he took a job at the local Gold’s Gym. “My title was weight racker. I was this puny 115-pound kid responsible for putting back 100-pound plates and dumbbells that huge bodybuilders left lying around. I knew then I needed to bulk up, so that’s when I started taking fitness a bit more seriously.”

Carlos’ experience at Gold’s Gym led to a job at Omni Fitness, where he sold fitness equipment for five years. “They went out of business, but I value my time with them because I feel like I’m a better-rounded salesperson for Gym Source. I know all about our competitors’ products, and I can better address client questions and comparisons.”

Carlos doesn’t hesitate when asked what makes him proud to work for Gym Source: the company delivers the best service and the best equipment. “Simply put, we’ve got the best team and carry the best-rated and most innovative brands in the industry,” he says. “We do very thorough testing before any products make it to our line-up. I love the fact that whenever I need help, guidance or coaching, the support I need is just a phone call away.”

Carlos works to facilitate great service, no matter how complicated the issue. Case in point: a local personal trainer recently contacted Carlos with a request. Seems the trainer had a client in Connecticut who was so happy with her Cybex Bravo and other pieces she purchased from Gym Source last year, she also wanted equipment for her home in North Carolina. Because Carlos had a great relationship with an affiliate down in the Carolinas, he was able to get her the desired equipment in just under 2 weeks. She was so pleased with the service and equipment, she ordered a Cybex 770 Arc Trainer with an embedded TV and a Vectra 1450 for her third home in South Carolina. And Carlos’ impeccable service isn’t just limited to East Coast clients—he’s also helped fulfill large orders in Texas and Michigan.

Carlos’ favorite strength piece is the Hoist PTS. “What I love about the Hoist PTS is its foundation—it’s a free-floating Smith machine that’s so easy to use and very safe,” he explains. “I love selling this machine mostly to parents who have kids who are starting their fitness and wellness lifestyle. When parents see how safe it is, because of the safety rails on the front, back and adjustable horizontal safety tiers—they know that they can rest easy when their children are working out, even if the weight they’re using might be a bit too heavy. Add-on features to this machine make it that much more impressive; I especially love the Dual Hi-Lo option, a must-have for anyone who wants to add versatility to their strength training regiment.”

His favorite cardio machine is most certainly the Cybex Arc Trainer.  “It’s easy to love this machine,” he says. “Structurally, it’s the most heavy-duty cross-trainer in the industry—built and designed for clubs—so when you buy one for the home, it lasts a long time with little to no maintenance. And because Cybex is the most research-driven manufacturer, you’re also getting a piece that’s among the most biomechanically sound for your body.”

For anyone who on-the-go, or for someone with budget or space constraints, Carlos recommends the TRX HOME suspension training kit. “You can use this indoors or out and take it anywhere since everything you need fits inside the size of a shoebox,” he says. “You utilize your own body weight, much like you do in military training, which makes sense since the inventor is a former Navy Seal. TRX is great for strength, core, flexibility and plyometric exercises.”

Looking for great fitness equipment and dedicated customer service in Connecticut? Visit Carlos in Greenwich anytime.

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