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FEATURED EMPLOYEE: Brian McCourt | Teterboro, NJ

Each month, Gym Source is featuring an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

Employee:  Brian “Doc” McCourt

Location:    Gym Source Warehouse in Teterboro, NJ

Quotable:   “I enjoy being part of the process that brings customers the best fitness equipment in the industry.”

As the Receiving Manager and Purchaser for Gym Source, Brian “Doc” McCourt works directly with vendors and sales representatives to facilitate equipment management companywide. Simply put: He orders the equipment clients want—and ensures that everything is correctly delivered exactly as planned. It’s a unique position at Gym Source that encompasses the entire customer service experience. Explains Doc: “I’m involved in the entire process. I place the order, receive the product in our warehouse and distribute it to the customer.”

Doc’s passion for fitness began during his military service, where he served overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq as a combat medic. “There is a very limited amount of things to do in your spare time,” he explains, “so I spent a lot of time in the gym and working out.” Following his military service, he wanted a career with a company focused on helping people. After learning more about how Gym Source helps people achieve their fitness goals, Doc knew it was the right match for his career.

Doc enjoys the constant challenges his job brings, the people he works with and knowing at the end of the day, he’s helped someone get closer to their fitness goal by being a part of the process. His goal is simple. “Every customer gets the equipment they want.” Even when presented with a challenge, Doc can rise to meet it. “I was working with sales rep Carlos Lopez in the Stamford, CT store. He needed a unit delivered from California to New Jersey for a VIP customer in just two days,” he says. “With superior communication between the vendor and sales rep, we were able to meet the customer’s deadline.”

Doc knows every piece of equipment offered at Gym Source, and he’s not shy about naming his favorites. “I always get a great workout on any Hoist HD units. The whole line is a great line. I also really like the Cybex FT 450, a very reliable machine that’s small enough to fit in any home.” Doc adds, “To me, there’s nothing like grabbing a great pair of dumbells and getting a good workout in. That said, I’m very fond of the Hampton Urethane dumbbells.”

You many never meet Doc personally, but visit a Gym Source near you to discover the impact he’ll make to your fitness satisfaction.

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