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Expresso HD Upright Bike Product Demonstration

The Expresso HD Upright Bike allows you to feel like you are riding outdoors, without ever leaving your home gym.  The Expresso Bike is the fitness retreat you have been looking for (without having to travel).

Expresso HD Upright Bike

Escape reality and workup a sweat with the HD Expresso Upright Bike. Over 40 virtual bike tours let you explore places you have never been without stepping foot outside.

Outdoor retreat more your style? The lifelike steering, shifting, and resistance action work together to create the feeling of an outdoor workout.

Vacations were made for fun, and you can have plenty of that – all from your home gym.
Stay entertained throughout your ride with a wide variety of entertainment options including, connecting to the internet to track your progress, racing other users online, and sharing your results. Additionally, you can listen to your favorite music or connect your cable box to watch your favorite shows. 

The Expresso Bike’s numerous entertainment options is an excellent way to use technology to stay motivated to hit your fitness goals. 

Prefer a relaxing getaway? The adjustable seat allows customization for any body type to provide maximum comfort.

Watch the video below to explore the many other unique features of the HD Expresso Upright Bike, and to see how the indoor exercise bike’s features can help you workout longer, burn more calories and hit your fitness goals.

Visit your nearest Gym Source store and talk to an equipment expert to see how the Expresso HD Upright Bike can become your new favorite piece of fitness equipment.

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