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Expresso Bikes Celebrates National Recreational Sport and Fitness Day

(By Norm Morrison)

Kudos to Expresso Bikes from Interactive Fitness, who during last month’s National Recreation Sports and Fitness Day engaged college students with exercise in exciting new ways. National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day is a national event when college recreation programs across the country focus on broader participation—as well as on the importance of fitness and wellness overall.

Throughout February, Interactive Fitness sponsored the first-ever College Interactive Cycling Challenge. Thousands of riders from 71 colleges and universities rode on Expresso Bikes—tracking more than 113,350 miles, burning 3,984,505 calories, and sharing 2,236 rides through Facebook and Twitter.

Reaching out to college students with a message of better fitness is important. Young adults often decrease their activity levels after leaving high school, compounded by other health issues in this age group such as overeating, higher stress, less sleep, and participating in high-risk activities. What’s more, recent studies show that only 24% of adults over 18 years of age participate regularly in moderate physical activity, and 25% are sedentary (Buckworth, Granello, & Belmore, 2002)—making the College Interactive Cycling Challenge from Interactive Fitness that much more important.

We at Gym Source applaud Interactive Fitness’ efforts to reach this important demographic. Of course, we’re also big fans of the game-changing Expresso interactive indoor cycle. To learn more about the College Interactive Cycling Challenge, click here.

To see what makes the Expresso Bike an innovative addition to your workout, click here.





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