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A healthier, stronger heart can be achieved by living a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise.

The heart is a muscle and like any other, it must be worked to become strong. Showing your heart love with regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference in your heart health. There are many options to consider when starting a new workout routine, and many variations of cardio workouts and strength training workouts you can use to reach your fitness goals.


For overall cardiovascular health, the American Heart Association recommends:

 – At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity at least 5 days per week for a total of 150 minutes, or at least 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity at least 3 days per week for a total of 75 minutes; or a combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity.
– Moderate to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity at least 2 days per week for additional health benefits.


The right mix of exercise should incorporate both cardio and strength activities for the most heart-strengthening benefits. As with any workout plan, you need to find what works best for you, including the type of exercise equipment you prefer.

Below are some tips to help you create the right workout mix tailored to your goals.


– WALKING: Low impact, easy and can be done anywhere. Additionally, walking is a great exercise tool for beginners because the intensity can easily be progressed to keep yourself challenged.

 In the colder months, treadmills provide an excellent indoor workout to help you reach your health goals, and add variety to your workout. 

 – RUNNING AND JOGGING: Running is considered a vigorous or high-intensity form of aerobic exercise. A perk of running is it is versatile and, like walking, it is an activity that can be done nearly anywhere.

Prefer to run indoors? Treadmills are getting more technologically advanced, and many include workout programs that offer a wide variety of training options including speed, incline and intervals.

Love running, but not the impact? Try the Zero Octane Runner. The Zero Runner is designed to mimic a runner’s natural stride with zero impact. 

 – ELLIPTICALS: Provides a low impact, yet quality, workout. The elliptical is a great alternative to running or walking for someone with joint or hip problems, or someone rehabbing from an injury.

Additionally, ellipticals can provide a total body workout by incorporating upper body exercises that targets different arm, chest and back muscles. For example, The Octane Q47 is designed to engage the upper body and provide resistance during your workout.


– WEIGHT TRAINING: Improves muscle tone, strength, balance and helps fight body fat. Weight training is an excellent form of exercise to help you reach a healthy weight. There are many different types of weight training you can do including, free weights,body weight, and resistance bands.

Incorporating dumbbells, like NuBells, into your home workouts is easy because they are small, compact home gym equipment that can provide versatile, total body workouts. 

– FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Functional training is commonly known as exercises that “train” the body for activities performed on a daily basis. The goal of functional training is to increase flexibility, mobility, balance, and overall strength.

An example of a functional exercise is a lunge, which can improve posture by strengthening the back, shoulders and arms along with improving lower body strength and flexibility.

Additionally, there are numerous home fitness equipment solutions that provide an effective, efficient functional training workout. For example, the Cybex Bravo offers progressive stabilization that supports the user in lifting heavier weights, allowing them to constantly change up the exercises and avoid plateaus.

– CIRCUIT TRAINING: Circuit training combines cardio and strength for a comprehensive workout. In addition to providing an effective workout in a shorter amount of time, circuits are customizable to your goals and current endurance level.

The goal of taking care of your heart is to live a longer, healthier life – and that begins with taking care of your health. Enjoying a sense of responsibility for your health by improving your endurance, strength, and flexibility can also provide a higher quality of life. Get started on your fitness journey with tips on how to create a workout plan that gets results.

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