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Elliptical Trainers: Keep Up the Resistance

What muscles aren’t worked by an elliptical trainer? Not many. The beauty of an elliptical is that it utilizes almost every significant muscle group, including (but not limited to) glutes, hamstrings, quads, triceps, biceps, lats, pecs—and of course your entire core.

What’s more, the addition of an upper body elliptical workout not only gives you better overall toning, but also an elevated heart rate—and improved cardio health.

But mind your resistance: There’s a tendency among users of elliptical trainer to choose a lighter resistance when using the upper body portion of the machine. Regardless whether you’re cross-training or using legs only, keep the resistance at your maximum ability by increasing the resistance and (or time) by at least 10% every week.

The cross-training benefits of an elliptical can’t be underestimated. The key is keeping your resistance level where it should be. Still have questions? Get to Gym Source. We’re here to help.

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