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Does “Power Training” Boost Performance?

Lately, power training has leapt in popularity. So, Gym Source clients want to know: What is power training—and how do I get the best results?

Power training is an incredible way to build strength by adjusting two main variables: speed and resistance. Not only does power training help athletes improve their game, but it’s also proven to boost functional fitness—helping exercisers of all levels increase their day-to-day quality-of-life by helping them perform everyday activities and physical tasks.

With power training, the focus is to gain strength in one of two ways:

(a)   by adding speed to your working using consistent resistance levels, or

(b)   by adding resistance to your workout while maintaining speed.

It’s simple, really: By adjusting resistance and speed—with the primary focus being speed—muscle activation is increased, strength is gained more rapidly, more calories are burned and better fitness is achieved.

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So how can you apply power training tenets to your workouts? Cybex fitness expert Scott Moody tells athletes to begin by reducing the weight resistance you would typically use by about 20 percent. Then, perform repetitions at a faster pace—one that still allows you to maintain muscle control without pausing between reps. When your muscles feel fatigued (and you notice that you’re slowing down), take a 45- to 90-second break. Continue this way for three to five sets. (PRO TIP: For the best technique, lower the weight slowly and push into the move with a lot of force.)

Moody also notes that it’s important to maintain proper form and technique for each exercise (meaning, don’t rush your workout and sacrifice form). Over time, increase your speed during each exercise—and when you hit a plateau at each level, add more resistance while controlling the speed. It’s best, explains Moody, to work out as intensely as you can with a light or medium weight.

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For the best results, Moody recommends applying power training techniques to lower body fitness routines using machines like the Cybex Eagle NX Leg Press. This machine makes power training even more effective with its controlled movements and smooth performance regardless of the speed at which you train. Plus, its unmatched range of motion allows for squats and a myriad of other lower body strength training that produces effective results.

To learn more about power training, the Cybex Eagle NX Leg Press and other strength training equipment at Gym Source, visit a showroom near you.

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