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Do you have the Right Flooring for your Fitness Space?

Home gym flooring

At Gym Source, we recommend building your fitness space from the ground up, and gym flooring is an often overlooked, but important piece of the puzzle. There are a number of types of flooring available including rubber, wood, laminate, cork, and foam. Of these, the most popular seller by far is rubber gym flooring.

Let’s look at different types of rubber flooring to help you find the right kind for your home gym:

Mats: A Simple Solution

Gym floor mats are a quick, easy solution for protecting both your floor and your fitness equipment. They’re perfect for smaller fitness areas where you’re not looking to replace your current flooring – just throw down a mat wherever you need it. It’s a less permanent option; just move it around as you need to. Gym source offers anti-vibration shock mats, which absorb 80% of a machine’s vibration and noise, so you can work out without disturbing your downstairs neighbors. The SuperMat Ellip Deluxe Mat is great for ellipticals.

Interlocking Tiles: Easy to Install

Interlocking tiles offer the same benefits of mats, but they can cover more area. Easy to install, they’re laid down on top of your existing flooring and are not glued down. They are a high quality, durable flooring solution that will also cut down on equipment noise and vibration. Try Dodge AktivLok™ Interlocking Rubber Tiles to make your fitness area look sleek without the commitment of permanent flooring.

Wall-to-Wall Flooring: A Professional Look

Wall to wall flooring is glued down to be permanently installed in your home gym space. As with all rubber flooring, the thicker the material, the more sound it will absorb. Everroll® is the most popular material used for wall-to-wall. It looks great, comes in a many different colors, and is VERY durable. You can use it to cover a large area, creating an attractive fitness space you’ll want to be in.

Not all Flooring is Created Equal

When looking for the right home gym flooring remember to consider quality as well as price. Some options might be inexpensive, but they’re not durable. Remember, you get what you pay for. That goes for selecting different grades of rubber, too. In general, the quality of flooring is based on thickness, density of color, and quality of rubber. High quality rubber offers more color options, more durability, and less rubber odor.

Gym Source on the Ground Floor

We know how important flooring is to the overall aesthetic and quality of your home fitness space so we have many options to ensure you get the precise look and feel that you want. All of the flooring that we offer is commercial grade, so your home gym can have the same quality flooring as a sports facility. Samples are available at any Gym Source store, so stop by, speak to one of our experts and feel the quality for yourself!

Need help planning your gym space? We love getting involved in the process prior to breaking ground. Our wide variety of projects have given us the expertise to help guide our clients in their decision-making process. We view our clients home gyms as prime real estate and it is imperative that we use us expertise to strategize the best use of space. 

Connect with an equipment as your local Gym Source for solutions that provide the best workout experience and fully utilize the available space.

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