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Cybex Pumps Up its Cardio App Offering

Anyone who works out, owns a gym, or trains professionally has felt the impact of new technology on the whole fitness industry. From the equipment we use to the way we plan our regimens, the microchip—and in particular mobile app technology—has forever changed the world of fitness.

The mobile app market is wide open where fitness is concerned. Our friends at Cybex are leading the way, with an innovative app designed to work across every piece of the Cybex cardio line.

Just released, the new Cybex cardio app currently works with the 525 Series product line (like one of our faves, the 525T treadmill), which makes perfect sense. The 525 Series was specifically designed not only for improved durability, but also to be app-driven, since the folks who most-need mobile fitness apps are also the folks who put their treadmills through the most punishment (think residential apartments and hotel gym facilities) that may not always be monitored by a trainer or attendant. But Cybex doesn’t intend to stop there. Throughout 2014, Cybex will be rolling out their upgraded cardio app to the 625 Series and 670 Series as well.

New Cardio App Features

The new Cybex app will of course track user data and download to any device. Even more exciting, as more Cybex lines are embedded with this app, they’ll all benefit from the premier programming created for Cybex’s top-of-the-line 770 Series machines. That means that no matter what Cybex equipment you’re using in your gym or personal workouts, you’ll be getting the A-list regimens and features formerly found only on the 770 Series.

Cybex continues to impress, and its new app is a simple idea with huge implications—certain to benefit to anyone who uses Cybex equipment at home, at the gym, and anywhere else.

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