Posted Aug 30, 2013 by Gym Source in Featured Fitness Products and tagged Cybex 790T, Cybex treadmill.

Cybex 790T Treadmill

Cybex International, a leading manufacturer of strength and cardio fitness equipment, has now launched the 790T commercial treadmill. With the ability to exceed 15 miles per hour—and with an incline of 20 degrees—the 790T lets users to train effectively for a marathon, sprint, or simple overall fitness. New workout levels offer users a broad selection of intensities, without detracting from the durability, stability and comfort that Cybex high performance treadmills are renowned for worldwide.

The new 790T maintains the same great entertainment options of the 770T model, with a user-friendly CardioTouch™ touchscreen that provides a single command center for entertainment control and individual workouts. Club members can easily set up their own workouts, charge their iPods and iPhones, and scroll through playlists, podcasts, albums and artist lists. Optional technology includes a wireless audio receiver and high definition monitor with three viewing modes.

Cybex treadmills combine the heritage of their original Trotter Treadmills with robust research that has enabled the development of the most joint-friendly treadmills ever. The new 790T now tops the list, and should be tried to be believed.

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