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Customer Testimonial -- Alper JCC in South Miami

At Gym Source, we pride ourselves on offering absolutely unsurpassed customer service.  So we were thrilled to receive a thank you note from Meg McCarthy, Fitness Director of the Alper Jewish Community Center in South Miami.  Our Gym Source service representative, Chris Coste went in to the JCC for a routine maintenance appointment for the organization’s spin bikes—and was also able to help with a different issue they were struggling with.  The JCC was having trouble with static from their television service, which caused extreme frustration for their clientele. They were looking for a solution.  JCC had contacted the cable company and were told “not our problem.” Even the electrician the JCC brought in couldn’t find the source of the static. Chris said he would be happy to take a look. He tried a few things, and using the process of elimination, was able to solve the static problem.  The JCC’s television reception was clear again.

“I can’t tell you what a burden that took off of my shoulders and how much it was appreciated,” effused Meg McCarthy. “I told our Executive Director that day that Gym Source was able to figure out the problem his electrician couldn’t. Chris went above and beyond and we want you to know how much it is appreciated. I mention we use Gym Source at every networking event I attend including the Cybex CRI training I just attended in Boston. Thank you so very much for such wonderful staff from Eileen and Tom to Chris and Jeremy.”

We truly appreciate hearing from our customers, and our mission is to always offer excellent service.  That’s why our service reps go “above and beyond” to ensure your satisfaction—that’s what we do.

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