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Gym Source Customer Spotlight

At Gym Source we love sharing the stories of challenges overcome, commitments to fitness goals, and the achievements of our customers.

From keeping up with your grandkids to beating a personal record, the reasons to get fit and healthy are endless. We love to celebrate the accomplishments of everyday athletes who tackle getting fit and healthy, and who remain committed to their goals.

This is Sam’s journey to health:

Sam’s ‘ah-ha’ moment immediately followed his diabetes diagnosis. “My training began that day. Right away I started looking for solutions to get my health under control. I knew I had to get my body moving.”

He wanted to explore indoor bikes, but wasn’t sure which bike would fit him best: “I was quite heavy, and I knew I wanted something that wouldn’t put too much stress on my knees. But, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted or needed.”

Seeking help, Sam decided to visit his local Gym Source to get the personal guidance he needed for this new life path.

“He wanted to live the rest of his life as a healthy and fit individual, so I was committed to supporting  him by finding the right, long-term solutions supporting that,” recalls Wes, equipment expert at the Manhasset Gym Source.

Together they narrowed down the right indoor exercise bike for Sam by discussing his physical limitations, goals, Sam’s available fitness space, and the type of activities he enjoyed doing.

“I was very appreciative of Wes waiting to hear everything I wanted to accomplish before recommending any equipment. I could tell he was interested in my entire journey, not just recommending a quick fix.”

With the help of his new fitness equipment, Sam set-off to prove to everyone that you can take your health into your own hands.

Channeling the success of his son’s weight loss journey he lost the first 50 pounds.

“I watched my son lose about 135 pounds. I watched him become a different, happier, person. He gave me hope that the ‘common man’ can reach his goals.”

Together, they learned how to make healthy choices second nature.

As Sam’s endurance and fitness levels improved, and the weight kept dropping off, he wanted a new challenge. “For the first time I enjoyed being active, and I wanted to keep pushing myself. I went back to Gym Source to find my next challenge.”

That time Sam chose a Cybex 770T treadmill. But, he didn’t stop there. Shortly after he expanded his home gym to include the Cybex Arc Trainer, a TuffStuff SXT 550 Hybrid Home Gym, and free weights.

“I learned there is a huge benefit to having the tools you need handy and available. I continued to add to my home gym because I loved that it eliminated any excuses. Weather, commutes, and crowds could no longer influence, or impact, my workout.”

Wes remained invested in Sam’s fitness journey, and as a way to add variety to his workouts, he suggested Sam start working out with a personal trainer.

“I knew Sam had the drive to succeed and that the right personal trainer could take him to the next level. Working with a trainer allowed him to mix up his workouts by brainstorming new, creative ways to use the same equipment,” Wes said.

From previous successes, Wes knew who to recommend: “I was confident Matt Sulam of Sulam Personal Training was a great fit because his training style focuses on building a strong fitness foundation. Plus, Matt has helped numerous clients achieve long lasting results that improved their overall health and well being.”

Matt kicked off their first training session with an assessment of Sam’s current fitness levels, and learning how he was using his fitness equipment to workout. He felt like it was important to understand where Sam started, what he had accomplished, and where he still wanted to go to fuel his transformation.

“Sam has always been open to where he was coming from, realizing that his health was hanging in the balance. Together we tackled his mission, Matt said.

Over the last year, Sam has maintained a weight loss of more than 70 pounds, lowered his blood pressure, and gotten his blood sugar in a healthy range.

Most of all, he learned important lessons along the way.

“I learned that it is important to be kind to yourself if you take a step back or make a mistake. I learned that it is okay to make yourself a priority. Life is stressful and it is easy to turn to unhealthy habits. Don’t neglect your health. I want to show everyone that you can take your health into your own hands.”

Because you are probably wondering his response when asked about his favorite piece of equipment: “The Cybex Arc Trainer is incredible. I feel like I get explosive workouts on it. I feel no impact, no stress, on any particular muscles or joints. I love that I am able to customize my workouts to go as hard or as easy as I want for a particular workout.”

Gym Source is proud to be behind his success and ready to support yours. Connect with your local equipment expert to find the right fitness equipment for your goals.

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