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Cross Fit Accessories

If you believe in fitness, Cross Fit and other ‘back-to-basics’-style workout programs provide plenty of advantages. All you need is your body and the right fitness accessories. The equipment might vary, but here are three excellent accessories that can be used quite successfully for this type of fitness workout:

SLAM BALLS are a winner. Today’s slammers balls are exceptionally durable, and come in multiple sizes. Designed to last (without use of a cork system), you’ll find them in 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 40- and 50-lb weights.

SANDBELLS are effective because they move with you, allowing you to work your core, challenge your muscles and push your stamina to the limit. A new, exciting piece of equipment used for physical education in schools, sandbells come in the form of ultra-stretchy, sand-filled neoprene that’s an ideal alternative to dumbells, kettle bells, D-Balls, and others. The sand though has an active, shifting movement that challenges stabilizing muscles in your core – which can make a big difference to your fitness.

STRENGTH BANDS are versatile accessories that can be used to add resistance to bodyweight training, stretching and lifting exercises. Made from 100% natural latex, they are also perfect for pull-ups and dips.

Even more accessories for your workout can be found right here at Gym Source. Come by for a visit to take a look and try them out.

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