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Creative Combos for Crushing Fat

Life can get chaotic. Between getting the kids to school, getting yourself to work, and putting healthy meals on the table, your exercise routine may not always get the attention it deserves. If you’re short on time but still want to stay fit, we love this comprehensive workout from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). According to ACE, combination exercises—those that work multiple muscle groups with a variety of movements—will help you burn calories, look great and still have time for yourself! Get the details from the video link at the end, and read on for a quick summary of what the ACE video demonstrates:


According to ACE, BOSU training is an excellent way to challenge your overall mobility and stability. The video shows how to build upper body strength and lower body endurance with this combo exercise:

Step 1: Knee to Elbow

  • Placing yourself into a push-up position on the BOSU, bring your left knee to your left elbow. Repeat on the other side.

Step 2: Push-up

  • With both feet back on the ground, go directly into a standard push-up on the BOSU.

Step 3: Mountain Climbers

  • Keep your core tight as you bring your knees to your chest in rapid succession with mountain climbers.



Medicine balls (we like SPRI) are among the most convenient and effective fitness tools for building pure strength and power. The ACE video recommends combining power-based plyometrics with stability-building exercises. Here’s the workout from their video:

Step 1: Jump Squat

  • Holding the medicine ball, perform a jump squat by bending at the knees and keeping the hips back. Launch yourself off the ground while pushing the medicine ball above your head.

Step 2: Medicine Ball Throws

  • Once you land, keep your knees bent and back straight. Bend forward slightly. Now throw the medicine ball down in front of you so that it bounces back up to you.

Step 3: Burpee Variation

  • Place the medicine ball on the ground. Stabilize yourself on it as you kick back into a burpee. Bring one leg forward at a time, performing a toe tap on each side. Jump back up to the starting position.



The trainers at ACE say that mastering your own bodyweight is a great way to build a better physique. These exercises from their video are designed to build strength, burn fat and increase endurance.

Step 1: Skaters

  • Hop to the left foot while bringing your left hand and right foot behind you. Repeat on the other side. Be sure to keep the core tight.

Step 2: Plie/Sumo Squat

  • Bringing your feet to outside of shoulder-width with toes pointed out, bend at the knees. Stop once your thighs are parallel with the floor.

Step 3: Side Plank

  • Getting into a push-up position, shift the weight to one side of your body. Turn so that your body is parallel with the floor, extending one arm up. Repeat on the other side then jump forward to the starting position.

Check out the ACE video right here:

(For the ultimate in bodyweight training, be sure to also try TRX Suspension Training. Simply by anchoring yourself to any doorframe, you can start building lean muscle, burning fat, increasing flexibility, and improving endurance using your own body for resistance.)

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