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Connected Fitness. What is it and how do I get plugged in?

Our equipment experts love the products we carry. However, they find fulfillment not in the sale, but knowing their clients are regularly using their equipment. Nothing is worse than purchasing a new cardio piece only to find you don’t have the resources to keep you motivated.

Enter connected fitness apps.

So what are they? Simply put, an innovative set of tools that allow exercisers to maximize their results from the comfort of their home gyms.

If you thrive in a class environment, but need to fit in a 30-minute workout while the baby is napping you can now join a spin class from your living room. Love the idea of strength training at home, but unsure on proper form? There’s a class for that. Want to start HIIT on your treadmill, but can only squeeze in a workout during your lunch break? There’s a group of people from around the globe who want to virtually join you.

The industry is shifting from streaming recorded workouts to virtually checking into a fitness class. This allows convenience to be paired with accountability. You can sign up for a spin class and that trainer who teaches every Tuesday at noon will be expecting you. Think boutique studio experience from the comfort of your home, does it get any better?

We’ve had our equipment experts compile some of their favorites to get you started. Studio live’s group running classes pair the world’s best instructors with an epic playlist to keep you motivated. Compete in real-time against other runners from across the globe.

Studio Sweat: Engage in body sculpting Spin®, TRX® and Total Body Workouts whenever you want. You get the experience of being at Studio SWEAT, but at your convenience with a great variety of high quality, full length classes.

Fly Anywhere: Join expert instructors and a community of over half a million athletes as they push you to new heights in spinning climbing hills, sprinting through flats, jogging up and down terrains and racing against other users.

Aaptiv: Running, strength training or even meditation Aaptive offers classes taught by certified, inspiring trainers paired with the perfect playlist to keep you moving. You can select a class based on trainers, program, intensity or even music, put your headphones and begin!

Les Mills: Over 500 workouts updated weekly from strength, cardio, HIIT, core conditioning, flexibility, indoor cycling and dance fitness to fit your schedule with 15, 30, 45 and 55 minute workouts.

Spin TV: Over 250,000 Spinning® instructors worldwide available to stream directly into your home with diverse training styles allowing you to maximize speed, strength and stamina.

Zwift: An online, interactive, virtual training world for cyclists and runners.  It entertains you while you train by placing your avatar in a virtual world where you can see and interact with others.  You can join group rides with participants from all over the world.  It also tracks all your training data and shares it with other training apps you might use like Strava or Apple Health.

You’ll find that many of these apps offer a trial class or free one week or one month subscription to test which best suits your fitness style. We encourage you to check out the before mentioned apps, as well as any other fitness apps you may find in the app store on your device. The industry is becoming more innovative by the day, allowing exercisers of all fitness levels to become more motivated, accountable and connected than ever before.

Interested in adding a new piece of cardio or strength equipment to your home gym so you can plug into these types of classes? Visit your  local Gym Source showroom and talk to an equipment expert today.

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