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Compound Exercises Pay Off

Compound Exercises Gym Source

Why workout one muscle group when you can kill 2 birds with one stone using compound exercises? Compound exercises use multiple joints and muscle groups. An example of a compound exercise is the deadlift, which uses multiple joint movements and practically every muscle in your body.

Most of us dread compound exercises because they are tough and demanding, but the intensity pays off as they build strength and muscle mass like no other type of exercise. They are not limited to any particular style of training, as you can incorporate compound movement into both strength and cardio workouts. Running and jumping rope are cardio compound movements while the bench press, squat, deadlift and clean and press are examples of strength compound movements.

Compound exercises improve performance on almost all levels, while also helping you avoid injury. Not only do they build strength and muscle mass, they also specifically build core strength and improve your balance and coordination.

Compound movements are great core exercises, which includes your abs, mid to low back, chest and shoulder muscles. Having a strong core protects your back and helps your body maintain correct body position as your strength improves. Likewise when you have improved balance and coordination, you are able to protect yourself from potential injury and also improve performance when performing exercises that require dynamic or overhead movement like a split jerk or a push press.

NuBells are great for compound exercises. They’re ergonomically designed to distribute the weight safely so that you can focus on your compound exercises, instead of your dumbbell positioning.

When your workouts include compound exercises, you not only become stronger and more efficient when working out, you also improve your overall ability to perform any functional movement, which makes your life easier.

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