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Building Strong Bones with Vibration Training

There’s more to working out than just burning calories. Everyone has unique goals that he or she would like to achieve, such as building muscle or increasing flexibility. If you’re an older woman or have certain health conditions, you may also be trying to build bone strength. Studies show that weight lifting as well as high-impact exercises, like running and jump rope, are very effective at helping people achieve optimal bone density. But in case you don’t have the endurance for arduous workouts, there is another way!

While walking briskly can also work wonders on your bones, studies have suggested that “odd impacts,” or the movements achieved when shifting in a direction other than straight ahead, provide even better results. Jiggling backwards and sideways can actually help stimulate remodeling in the hipbones and spines in older adults. That’s where vibration platforms come in. You might have seen them already in your local health club, and they’re exactly what they sound like – platforms that vibrate, shake, and pulsate underneath users’ feet. Using a vibration machine can provide great bone benefits that have been shown to do more than taking no action at all.

The New York Times initially reported on a 6-month long controlled trial, which you can view here: There have been other studies done over longer periods of time, and one study in particular reported that low-frequency vibratory exercises were more effective at building bone strength than walking (you can see that one here:

Luckily, Gym Source carries an entire line of vibration machines. You can explore the six offered by PowerPlate, such as the my7—which uses high-strength polymer cables to optimize the vibrations generated by the machine platform directly to your targeted muscles. Or, check out the AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine by 3G Cardio with total stability and ergonomic design. With so many options and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right equipment for your home, health club, or medical facility. Here’s to stronger bones!

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