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Better Exercise Balls: The Basics

Exercise balls are available everywhere. So what makes the balls found at specialty retailers like Gym Source so much better than those found at big box stores? In a word: Durability.

The durability of an exercise ball is determined by its pliancy—a definition of how strong the rubber is. As with any material, there are different levels of rubber strength. And like anything else, the rubber used for low-end residential products (i.e. less expensive products sold at big box stores) isn’t the same as the quality rubber found at balls used by commercial gyms or training studios. At a big box store, even balls sold as “anti-burst” will burst—it simply means they must be punctured to do so, although they’ll certainly burst if they have too much weight resting on them at a given time.

The better exercise balls sold by Gym Source have a special coating and are rated higher for anti-burst levels. What’s more, the commercial-quality exercise balls at Gym Source, such as the SPRI Elite Xercise Ball, are safer and stronger—with tougher rubber and a coating to guard better against bursting. They’re designed specifically to handle the weight of multiple users (even when using them with free weights, and the added stress that puts on the ball), making them safer and longer-lasting.

Plus, the exercise balls sold at Gym Source are of the “slow-deflate” variety. They’re designed to keep their air, so the focus can stay on exercising instead of on constant maintenance. Exercising is hard enough—why waste time blowing up deflating balls all the time?

A basic commercial exercise ball is an affordable value at Gym Source. Visit us today, and see which sizes and brands are right for your needs.

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