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What is an Authorized Fitness Equipment Dealer?

We take pride in being hand selected as an authorized dealer of the highest-quality lines of fitness equipment in the industry, but what does that mean to you as a consumer?  

It means that you can shop confidently knowing that the fitness industry’s leading manufacturers have chosen us as their local partner to sell their high quality gym equipment, and that we will have these same brands you see in real gym facilities 

We know that purchasing quality fitness equipment is an investment in your health. Which is why we curate a lineup of the best fitness equipment for you to test, touch, and try in store. It’s important to us that we only partner with manufacturers who share the same commitment to the same high level of quality and service.  

So, what does this mean for you? How does purchasing fitness equipment from an authorized dealer improve your shopping and fitness equipment ownership experience?

Think about an ideal car purchase. You’d first check the brands that experts review well, that the auto industry sources give a thumbs-up to.  You’d talk to friends about who and what they trust.  Then you’d search for a reputable dealership for those brands, one with a top-notch service department, rave reviews, competitive prices, and one you felt would stand behind the purchase.

Then, you’d take it for a test drive, making sure it fit you and your needs, and performed well compared to the cars you’ve driven before. Most likely you would not purchase a car from a brand you’ve never tried, sight-unseen, from an online source that can only promise you it is just as good as what you’ve heard of or driven.

Purchasing home gym equipment is no different. The best brands are the same ones you’ve seen and used in the gym.  Purchasing the best fitness equipment for your gym requires much more consideration than you may first think.

We sell high-quality fitness equipment, allow you to test drive it before you commit to it, and partner you with an equipment expert who helps you explore all your different options.

Additionally, purchasing from an authorized dealer means your equipment is protected with a solid warranty, carefully delivered, properly installed, and serviced by professionals trained by manufacturers to remedy any issues and to maintain your equipment with the correct preventative maintenance.  (Yes, fitness equipment, like automobiles require routine maintenance.)

Only an authorized dealer can meet all of those needs.

“When you hear authorized dealer think service, think support, think security in your purchase,” states equipment expert Norm Morrison from the local Newton Gym Source showroom.

In short, an authorized dealer is a single, vetted local outlet for a brand in a given territory.

This means the manufacturer hand selects which dealer(s) will carry their warrantied equipment in that area. In most cases, only one authorized dealer is selected per geographic territory. The benefit to the customer is that the manufacturer, through this authorized dealer, will ensure their equipment operates as promised and that the appropriate service and parts are readily available.

Many of the best brands, like Precor and Cybex,actually  give a longer warranty when their product is bought by their authorized dealer.  

Online only retailers and infomercials can’t meet that need, and generally carry brands that don’t care if they can or can’t meet this criterion. 

We know that oftentimes a similar looking piece of equipment can be found online for cheaper than what you’d find in our store. But, it’s not really saving you a buck if you have to buy a new treadmill in six months because your online purchase broke and was made with outdated parts so can’t be serviced. Or if your elliptical is built with an old patent that was harder on the joints.  It happens.

When you purchase equipment from an authorized dealer like us you’re not just buying a piece of fitness equipment; you are buying a commitment to quality

So whether you buy through us or someone else, we urge you to seek out authorized dealers. They are the real deal. 

Still have questions? We can help.

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