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Cybex Arc Tainer

The Cybex Arc Trainer is celebrated throughout the industry for its low-impact training and top-tier results. But what “secret ingredient” truly separates the Arc from traditional elliptical machines? Turns out there’s no secret—simply Cybex science and engineering combined to deliver less stress and more comfort than traditional ellipticals are designed to do.

Don’t misunderstand: At Gym Source, we love traditional elliptical machines. For some people, however, a Cybex Arc Trainer may make more sense.

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Cybex recently posted an informative video to CYBEX.TV that summarizes the key differences. Feel free to watch the video here, which outlines these key differences:

Arc Trainer Benefits

Cybex Arc Trainer Elliptical Trainer
Footplate pushes down and back. When one plate reaches the bottom, the opposite footplate is already forward—ready to have the user’s shifting weight drive it down. No added stress is placed on knees and joints. Footplate moves in an ellipse. The user must push the footplate forward for motion—resulting in long-term stress on knees and joints and potential overuse issues.
Footplate remains level, creating an optimal balance for exerting quads, glutes and hams—and providing for a more comfortable experience even during high-intensity training. Footplate tilts at an angle, creating possible “quad dominance” issues where lower body muscle groups aren’t equally engaged.
Resistance is tied directly to a user’s weight, resulting in “true” resistance levels and 60% greater caloric burn than traditional elliptical training. Resistance levels are random, and not directly tied to a user’s stated weight input.

Arc Trainer Workouts

Cybex Arc Trainer Workouts

What’s more, studies show that Cybex Arc training delivers increased leg strength, a higher vertical jump and more speed—all with less perceived exertion—than what’s possible on an elliptical. It’s no wonder, then, that the Arc is a must-have machine for athletes and an essential tool among sports training rooms the world over.

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Regardless of your conditioning level or desired goals, the Cybex Arc Trainer is designed to help you exercise harder—for a longer period of time—with less perceived exertion and greater results overall. While it’s a terrific choice for athletes, it’s also an excellent tool for anyone recovering from injury or seeking to optimize their limited time available for exercise.

The Cybex Arc Trainer is proudly manufactured in the USA and sold by Gym Source. View the Cybex video below, and then visit Gym Source today to demo the Arc Trainer for yourself, and see whether the Arc or traditional elliptical is right for you.

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