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And Our Boston Marathon Contest Winners Are…

Congratulations to Charles Sansbury and Jeff Barnes, who both won bibs from Gym Source to compete in the famed 2015 Boston Marathon, which took place on April 20.

For Charles, a distance runner since 2009 with four marathons behind him, winning entry to the famed Boston Marathon was a dream-come-true. “Running is my life,” explains the Orlando native. “I’m a store manager at a running gear specialty shop. I see runners on a daily basis, and I run in my free time. Boston was a race I’ve always wanted to do—it’s like the Super Bowl of running.”

Charles’ training plan involved completing at least one 20-mile run prior to race day, and doing shorter outdoor runs four times per week. Having just a few weeks to prepare, Charles also supplemented his indoor endurance training with the Tour de France 4.0 exercise bike purchased at Gym Source. “Orlando is flat,” he explains. “The Tour de France bike helped me hill train and build my stamina for the Boston course’s steep terrain.”

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As with Charles, Jeff was thrilled for the chance to run Boston. Having run 3 marathons and a handful of 5Ks since 2010, the Maryland resident was excited for the opportunity. After finding a training program he liked, his goal was to run the race in under 5 hours. He missed it, but achieved another goal in the process: “I wanted to enjoy the event and take in all the weekend’s activities,” says Jeff, a Gym Source employee who won the bib as part of an internal company contest. “This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

In addition to distance runs, Jeff’s training included cardio work on the Cybex 770 Arc Trainer and cross training on the Octane LateralX. “Last summer I tore my groin and right hip labrum playing soccer, and I couldn’t run till January. I like the LateralX because it’s helping me  build up strength in those areas.”

When they weren’t competing in the marathon itself, both runners enjoyed the sights of Boston and the excitement of the event. Congratulations to you both!

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