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A Top Treadmill for Small Spaces

If your fitness goals are big but your floor space is small, a folding treadmill may seem attractive. Trouble is, most folding treadmills simply don’t measure up, sacrificing quality and features for space-saving convenience. Frankly, I’ve never found one that I would recommend—that is, until now.

LifeSpan has finally gotten it right with its folding Home Series TR4000i Treadmill. The TR4000i has all the power of a traditional treadmill—meaning it’s NOT a flimsy replica of what a treadmill should be. With a generous 20”x60” running surface supported by a 1” deck and 8 compression shock absorbers (crucial on any treadmill for knee, back and joint support) the TR4000i is a solid machine built for runners of every ability.

What’s more, with a 3.25-horsepower motor, 2.5-inch front roller and a deck that supports people up to 350 pounds, it’s got the giddyup to withstand hardcore use.

But what I like most about the TR4000i (and what makes this treadmill worthwhile for households with multiple users of varying levels and abilities) is that it’s easy to use. The oversized handlebars and buttons allow for speed and incline adjustments without ever letting go. Plus, multiple USB ports enable users to connect their iPod or e-reader (or both) while exercising.

And for runners who like tracking performance, the TR4000i treadmill comes with its own USB storage device. Monitor your progress—or upload your exercise data to the LifeSpan Fitness Club online, and see how you rate versus users of similar age, weight and ability.

Finally—and not surprisingly, I suppose—the TR4000i is getting rave industry reviews. It’s rated the #1 treadmill by Health magazine, it’s the top-ranked folding treadmill in Consumer Reports, and it’s a featured favorite in Runner’s World. So, if you want the convenience of a folding treadmill without compromising quality, the LifeSpan TR4000i is definitely worth a look.

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