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7 Tips for Better Tennis Training

Please note, workouts suggested on this website are not to be interpreted as treatment plans or substitutes for medical consultation. Before undertaking any exercise program, please consult a physician or healthcare provider for appropriate safety precautions. If at any point during a workout you start to feel dizzy, faint, short of breath, or experience physical discomfort, discontinue your exercise immediately and consult a physician.

For many recreational tennis players, colder weather marks the start of the indoor season—and the chance to enjoy off-court conditioning designed to boost performance when spring returns. But what workouts are best?

According to one tennis fitness training studio, there are seven key exercises tennis lovers can do year-round to keep their game in full swing. Best of all, many of these strength training moves require a partner—making training more fun and more likely that you’ll stick with it.

A video link to these top-7 tennis moves is below; they include:

  1. Hacky-Sack Feet & Hand Reaction: Alternating your right and left feet, kick a hacky-sack or small foam ball back-and-forth with your partner.
  2. Bosu Side Lunge/Medicine Ball Rotation: While lunging to either side, catch a Bosu ball (graduating to heavier medicine balls over time) thrown by your partner.
  3. Hurdle Crossover Step Drives: Using portable hurdles, side-step and crossover step for multiple reps.
  4. Squat Split Into Lunge: Using a lightweight dumbbell, move rapidly from a squat into a lunge position—raising the dumbbell as you do so. Switch lunge sides after multiple reps.
  5. Star Push-Up: On turf or an exercise mat, perform your push-ups by lowering and raising your body—then support your body with one arm and one leg as you raise yourself sideways and reach skyward with your other arm and leg. Switch sides after multiple reps.
  6. Stability Ball/Chest Press Rotation: With your back supported by a large stability ball, roll side-to-side on the ball while lifting a small dumbbell skyward with one arm. Switch arms after multiple reps.
  7. Resistance Band Explosive Step: Affix a resistance band to a stable surface (such as a barre) and attach it around your waist. Take explosive steps forward and sideways, working against the resistance band. Do so for multiple reps.

With regular indoor tennis practice—and conditioning your body for explosive lateral movement using the techniques above—your game will be in great shape.

Finally, when court time is tough to come by, don’t forget about the incredible Octane LateralX. The LateralX is the ultimate cardio trainer for tennis lovers, enabling three dimensions of movement—up and down, forward and back, and side to side—all on one machine. Plus, when compared to typical elliptical trainers, the LateralX provides 27% greater caloric expenditure and a 30% increase in hip abductor/adductor mobility (perfect for returning those rogue volleys with ease).

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No matter what your sport or season, Gym Source has the right training tools and tips for you. Visit a Gym Source showroom near you, and let us help you stay on top of your game.

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