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6 Hints for a Better Booty

For a dynamite derriere, it’s time to shape up. To get your butt in gear, so to speak, check out these hot hints for toning your tush.

  1. Work your glutes. These are the three gluteus muscles that give your buttocks their shape, and they need exercise. Climbing, walking and running are all good forms of exercise for glutes, as is strength training and treadmill training.
  2. Squat exercises. Great for toning, squats build those glute muscles. Be sure to keep your shoulders apart and feet parallel when you squat. Lower your hips as if you are about to sit down, and then push back to a stand. Keep your back straight and don’t let your knees push in front of your toes.
  3. Ball squats. Lean against a large ball (like a Spri or Bosu) pressed against a wall behind the small of your back. Keep your back straight, so it pushes against the wall as you slowly squat up and down.
  4. Hip lifts off the ball. Another great glute exercise, this focuses on the body’s largest muscle, the gluteus maximus. With your tummy on the ball and forearms flat on the floor (so they form a 90-degree angle at the elbow), bend your knees to form another 90-degree angle with your feet facing upwards. Keep your feet together and squeeze the glute muscles; slowly lift your thighs off the ball. This should be a small two-inch movement. Take care not to use your back muscles.
  5. Work out on cardio equipment. If you love cardio equipment at the gym, the best machines for gorgeous glutes are with stair steppers and elliptical machines. Not only will you work your glutes, but you’ll give your lungs and heart a good workout as well.
  6. Challenge yourself on a stationary bike. Like other cardio equipment and the exercises recommended here, a stationary exercise bike is a superb tool for tush-toning. As your fitness levels improve, and your glutes become firmer, dial up the resistance and take the challenge to the next level.

Ideally, do these exercise at least three times a week—15 reps, 3 times each. During strength training, add weight and increase reps, gradually reducing rest periods between your exercises. For best results combine indoor and outdoor exercise, and of course—maintain a healthy diet!


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