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Dont Ditch New Years Resolutions

For a lot of people fitness resolutions are an excellent tool to get started on the path of a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Unfortunately, most times, people ditch the same fitness resolutions after a short period of commitment. Luckily, we have the top 5 tips to help you reach your fitness goals.

How to stay committed to fitness resolutions:

  1. Find What Motivates You:

    Every fitness journey is unique and the inspiration to get fit is different for everyone.

    For whatever you reason – weight loss, rehabilitation after an injury, healthier lifestyle, increased strength, or better endurance – find what motivates you and use it for fitness inspiration

  2. Create a Workout Plan:

    A workout plan is beneficial because it creates a vision of the fitness goals you are working towards. Having a plan creates measurable action steps, It is a tool to help you create a tangible, measurable action plan to effectively reach your fitness goals and improve your fitness levels.

    Your workout plan should take into consideration, your level of fitness, how much time you can devote to exercise, where you will workout, the type of exercises you will do, and how you will track your progress.

    Learn how to create a custom workout plan here. 

  3. Stick to Your Workout Routine

    First, always remind yourself of your fitness goals and why you started your fitness journey.

    Then, there are many different tools you can use to stay committed to working out. For example, Give yourself mini-rewards as you work towards your final goal to celebrate small milestones during your fitness journey, use fitness technology to make working out more fun and engaging, schedule your workouts in a calendar and treat them like unbreakable appointments, or encourage friendly competition to help you stay motivated.

  4. Keep Yourself Challenged

    When you consistently workout your body adapts to your current intensity level and type of exercise. This makes it necessary to mix up your routine for a more productive workout.

    When you add variety to your workout routine it keeps your body guessing, adapting, and helps to avoid plateaus. There are many different ways you can add variety including, take a new class, try a friend’s preferred workout, if you consider yourself a cardio junkie start combining strength workouts with your preferred cardio to elevate your workouts.

  5. Find Solutions for Your Usual Excuses

There is no shortage of excuses when it comes to reasons to skip your workouts. This is why it is important to be proactive in finding solutions to your usual excuses.

Ways to Stop Making Excuses and Stick to Your Fitness Goals:
– Creating accountability with a buddy system to make it harder to bail on your workout because you know someone is relying on you.

– Implementing shorter workouts that are perfect for busy people with only a little time to exercise. Try High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or incorporate activity in your day-to-day activities, such as doing squats while you fold laundry. Remember – some exercise is better than no exercise.

– Wagering on fitness. If you are motivated by financial gain (or loss) you can make a financial commitment that will hold you accountable to your fitness resolutions. Set a predetermined “fine” you will pay if you skip the gym or don’t hit weigh-in goals, or try one of the numerous fitness sites that reward users with payouts who hit their goals.

Lastly, celebrate your success!

Staying committed to your fitness resolutions is a challenge, especially after the initial excitement has cooled. But, by visualizing the healthy lifestyle changes you want to make, and a little goal planning, you can stay committed to your fitness goals.

Need help finding the right fitness equipment equipment solution to reach your fitness goals? Connect with a Gym Source Equipment Expert to get the help you need to create your perfect home gym. 

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