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4 Stats that Prove the Payoff of Endurance Running

Did you see the article in the Wall Street Journal about gait analysis—and how endurance running is one of the single best things you can do to stay fit for life? When you run with a proper gait, endurance running can prolong your life, postpone disability and keep your joints and bones healthy.

Injuries have always been a concern for runners. Serious runners have about a 50% chance of sustaining an injury that interferes with training. And the chances of injury are even higher for marathon runners, up to 90%.

Many experts agree that it isn’t running itself that’s creating an injury, it’s the way people run. Many runners land at awkward angles or extend their stride too far.  Gait analysis seeks to identify the root of an injury and involves videotaping a running session on a treadmill. After examining the tape and identifying potential problems, patients are advised how to adjust their gait to help avoid injury.  Gait analysis is becoming increasing popular and runners are embracing this idea that running correctly helps them stay pain-free.

James Fries, an emeritus professor of immunology and rheumatology at Stanford University, co-wrote the study debunking the links between running and debilitating injuries in a 2008 report published in Archives of Internal Medicine.

He calls running “the greatest intervention to postpone aging that’s ever been reported.”  The study found these impressive results.

  1. Distance runners’ joints and bones are actually healthier than average.
  2. Runners are actually significantly less likely to experience arthritis or require a major joint replacement than people who don’t.
  3. Distance running postponed disability by 16 years.
  4. Distance running postponed death by seven to nine years.

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