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The best fitness equipment manufacturers keep two main tenants in mind: efficiency and effectiveness. RocketLOK easily accomplishes both with a design so seemingly obvious that it’s a wonder no one thought of it sooner! And yet, that’s the hallmark of a great invention – it’s so great, people can’t believe there was ever a time it didn’t exist. Based in Dallas, Texas, RocketLOK has pioneered an adjustable, customizable system of dumbbells, bars, and kettlebells that combine the weight of multiple pieces into a single product.

The 20lb. and 36lb. kettlebells, featured on this page, function based on an elegant ring-and-insert system. Together these two products constitute seven different kettlebells, and users can easily switch between weight levels by adjusting the inserts. RocketLOK products are designed to offer a smooth, safe motion that eliminates rattling and won’t cause catching on skin or clothing. The kettlebells are particularly economical for home use where getting the most out of your space and budget is a top priority.

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