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In Touch

February 2012

In Touch

Consumer Reports

February 2012

Shape Up! Best ellipticals, treadmills and pedometers.

Men's Health Test

September 2011

Gym Source is the best distributor of home and club gym equipment and accessories in the world!


November 2010

Score a Home Gym! Our Fitness reader will receive a ProSpot P-600 home gym [a $4,400 value] from the Gym Source. Log on to from noon EST on November 29, through noon EST on Tuesday, December 27. Recipient will be chosen at random.


January 2007

Have a Ball! Hollywood fitness expert Kathy Kaehler on great pre-beach toners, summer cooling, and the use of fitness balls to shape the perfect summer body. Fitness ball featured can be found at GYMSOURCE stores for around $40.

Men's Journal

April 2006

Gymsource featured a contest for a True Z5 Upright Exercise Bike.


November 2005

Buying the gear is the easy part.

New York Magazine

October 2005

Martha Stewart's Home Gym "The gym is brand new … The floor covering is Mondo. It was used in the Olympics in Atlanta. It's 3/4-inch rubber vinyl - dark chocolate color." (Along with numerous cybex fitness machines.) "Now I use it every day. I exercise for at least one hour a day. The treadmill is my favorite. I set it with an incline of 30 inches. I like climbing."


June 2005

Score a High-End Arc Trainer. One lucky FITNESS reader will receive a Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer [a $6,295 value], a climber, elliptical machine and cross-country skier all in one.


May 2004

The Ultimate Fat Burning Routine.

New York Magazine

September 2003

Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro, and everyone else who comes [to Gym Source] knows it's the best home-workout store in the city. For the best butt in New York, Gym Source recommends the $5,400 Cybex Arc Trainer, an all-in-one cross-country-skiing, elliptical, hiking, and stepping machine. Consultants will even come to your home and recommend equipment to suit your space.

US Weekly

June 2002

...Richard Gere picking out exercise equipment for his home at the Gym Source in White Plains, New York.

Men's Journal

September 1999

Ultimate Gym! Fifty grand work of dream machines.


July 1999

...And Richard Miller who outfitted Crawford's home with workout equipment is crafting a model baby exercise machine.


February 1998

Tread On Me - If you can have just one cardiovascular machine in your home, make it a treadmill. According to a 1996 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, "the treadmill is the optimal indoor exercise machine for enhancing energy expenditure." The study compared the heart rastes of people who exercised on six different machines: treadmill, stair-stepper. rower, cycle ergometer, Airdyne cycle and cross-country skier. unfortunately, too many people buy inexpensive models that are under-powered, uncomfortable and flimsy. According to Richard Miller, the owner of Gym Source (which sells equipment to health clubs [and individuals], "There are two kinds of treadmills - quality and garbage. You can't buy a decent one for much under $1500." Miller recommends using amachine that weighs at least as much as you fo, with a large deck, steel frame, and a good warranty.