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  • Heart Rate Control Training

    It’s not uncommon to see gym equipment outfitted with high-tech heart rate monitors. What exactly does heart rate control do? Do we really need it? Well first, let’s distinguish between some different terms here. A “heart rate monitor” is simply a tracker that reports your heart rate to you in real time through the use of sensors. A machine equipped with “heart rate control,” on the other hand, will actually adjust the settings on the machine (such as speed and incline) based on how your heart rate fluctuates as you exercise. Continue reading

  • The Past and Future of Gym Equipment

    Used to be that there weren’t a whole lot of options when it came to gym equipment. Even the idea of exercising on machines in the home was a new one. In those days, people were just looking for basic machines—standard treadmills that would provide a simple workout and get the job done. (That’s still attractive for many people. The TRUE M30 treadmill fits the bill.) Continue reading

  • Treadmills: How Much Horsepower Should You Buy?

    Without question, treadmills are integral to a variety of workout routines—be they designed for cardio training, weight loss or rehab. Whatever your reason for wanting a treadmill, at some point in your research you’ll come across horsepower metrics. Here’s some helpful information. Continue reading

  • Treadmills--It's All About the Cushioning


    Treadmills are typically among the first machines considered for a home gym – they offer a great workout for people of all fitness levels, and are based on our most natural movement patterns. But when selecting a new treadmill, pay special attention to the suspension system. The right suspension system will protect your joints from the impact of exercise and enhance the overall feel of your run.  In fact, compared with road running, properly cushioned treadmill running typically reduces impact by about 15%-40%.  A great suspension system will provide the cushioning and shock absorption you need to handle your most intense workout and still give you lateral stability and support. Continue reading

  • The 3 Top Treadmills for Heart Rate Control Training

    Treadmill manufacturers have developed sophisticated systems to monitor and control heart rate during training. These features allow users to create a unique preset heart rate profile—and then control the speed and/or the gradient of the treadmill based on those needs and goals. But heart rate control features differ among treadmills, and some are systems have more robust capabilities than others (particularly for serious athletic training).

    Three of our most popular treadmill brands for customizable heart rate control training include Bodyguard, TRUE and Cybex. Here’s why: Continue reading

  • Why Choose an Orthopedic Belt?

    Treadmills can offer a lower-impact alternative to outdoor running, providing that the cushioning system is properly built. Better treadmills’ belts and decks are designed to help your joints absorb shock upon impact, while providing a firm push-off.   Orthopedic belts take your comfort to the next level, and help make your treadmill workout even safer for your joints.  They are thicker than regular treadmill belts and designed to further reduce the amount of concussion when you walk or run.  The ribbed surface of a good orthopedic belt also is designed to provide better grip for running shoes, and is also especially helpful in a higher incline workout.  Many new treadmills already have orthopedic belts, or you can replace the belt on your current treadmill with an orthopedic belt.  To do this, you will need a treadmill with rollers that are at least 2.4”. Continue reading

  • TRUE History and Quality: What it Means For You

    When considering purchasing home cardio equipment, consider TRUE Fitness. TRUE Fitness began manufacturing hand-crafted treadmills in 1981.  TRUE’s obsession with quality propelled TRUE Fitness to the top of the industry and became one of the most respected global fitness companies in the world.

    TRUE’s commitment to delivering unsurpassed quality, durability, and performance is what sets it apart from other fitness manufacturers.  While other compromised quality for a larger profit, TRUE remains vigilant in delivering the best premium cardio equipment available. Continue reading

  • The Importance of Buying From A Fitness Specialty Store

    (The following article has been graciously contributed by our friends at TRUE Fitness.)

    Purchasing a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike is one the best investments you can make toward a healthier lifestyle.  By purchasing a top fitness brand like TRUE Fitness, you’ll have the peace-of-mind of knowing that your machine has the quality and durability to keep you focused on your goals for years to come.

    TRUE Fitness equipment and many other top name brands are sold through specialty fitness stores, not department stores so if you’re looking for the best in brand name fitness equipment, a specialty fitness store like Gym Source is the place to go. Continue reading

  • Gym Source Proudly Sponsors ‘Treadmill Talk with Jenny Hutt’

    Jennifer Koppelman Hutt is already an accomplished author, media host and attorney—and now she brings her considerable talent to her latest television project is called Treadmill Talk with Jenny Hutt,’ co-produced with the lifestyle video network for women, PowerwomenTV. In this series, Jenny interviews celebrities, tastemakers and fascinating people on a treadmill in various hot spots around New York City. Segments will appear on PowerwomenTV and be featured on TAXITV, launching April 2013.

    Gym Source is proud to sponsor Treadmill Talk with Jenny Hutt—and is honored to provide TRUE treadmills for this ongoing show. So far, treadmill interviews with Carson Kressley, talk show host Jerry Springer, Tony-award winning actress Megan Hilty and comedian Gilbert Gottfried are scheduled to air.
    Continue reading

  • “I Can Shop Anywhere for a Treadmill. But I Only Have One Place – Gym Source.”

    It’s all about relationships. In 2010, David Grunhut, President of Astor Chocolate, came into Gym Source’s flagship store in Midtown Manhattan and told sales executive Nigel Anderson and his team that he “wanted a healthier life.”  Nigel and Mr. Grunhut discussed his goals, tested out a few cardio machines and ultimately decided that the Cybex 750R recumbent bike with TV screen would best serve his needs.  It turned out to be a hit for Mr. Grunhut, a big hit -- in fact he used it religiously.  So in 2011, when Mr. Grunhut heard the buzz about the Cybex Arc Trainer, he came back to Gym Source and conferred with Nigel yet again.  With Nigel’s expert guidance, he selected the Cybex 750AT Total Body Arc Trainer.  He was so impressed with the results he got with the Arc Trainer, he came back in December 2012 when he decided to replace his old treadmill.  This time, again with Nigel’s advice, Mr. Grunhut chose the True PS 850.  “When you look at treadmills, you have so many feature and machine options.” explains Nigel Anderson, “I knew the True PS 850 was the optimal machine for Mr. Grunhut.”
    Continue reading

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