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Gymsource Blog - Fitness Spotlight

  • Gym Source’s Featured Employee: Vlad Shindelman

    Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known.

    Employee:   Vlad Shindelman
    Location:     Teterboro, New Jersey
    Since:          1991
    Quote:         “We’re very selective about the products we bring in.”

    Vlad Shindelman is Director of Services for Gym Source. He’s been with the company since 1991, joining with a Master of Electrical Engineering degree and holding a patent for an electrical mechanical device which he created. Vlad Shindelman possesses a technical and inventive mind – a perfect match for a company dedicated to providing and servicing the most advanced, highest quality fitness equipment available.

    The Inspector

    We’re very selective about the products we sell and Vlad plays an essential role in, not only inspecting, but actually choosing the manufacturers and the products for Gym Source. Vlad is very hands-on as he carefully reviews each piece of equipment and even consults with manufacturers about developing new products. According to Vlad, “Since the manufacturers know that each product has to pass my inspection, they often ask for my input and opinions during their development stages during which the product is being developed, engineered, and manufactured.”

    Don’t Make Him Say No…

    We will not hesitate to refuse a product it doesn’t fit our criteria. Vlad scrutinizes each potential fitness machine to ensure it will meet Gym Source’s high standards for usefulness and innovation. However, the most important factor that Vlad looks for in a product is that it adheres to Gym Source’s safety requirements. “There’s no short cut here – if the product doesn’t meet our safety standards, Gym Source will not accept it.”

    No Challenge too Great

    When asked what he likes most about working for Gym Source, Vlad doesn’t hesitate a moment before replying, “The challenges. I like to resolve issues. Service is about resolving issues.” Vlad brings this pro-active, positive attitude to our sales team, when he meets to consult them. “These meetings are not about how to sell a product to a customer, but how to sell the right product to the customer.” According to Vlad, this is done by learning customer’s individual needs and personal fitness goals. The interaction between the salesperson and the customer is extremely important.

    Vlad’s Recommendation

    Among Vlad’s own favorite pieces of Gym Source equipment are the TRUE Z5 treadmills. According to Vlad, “They are good pieces, very popular, and not that expensive. They are bullet proof and proven. They have a great history and Gym Source has had great success with them.” These treadmills include the TRUE Z5.0, which is strong and stable with a sleek design and the TRUE Z5.4, which was voted Runner’s World’s “Plushest Ride.” More importantly, they’ve been sanctioned by ‘The Inspector’ – Vlad Shindleman, just like every piece of fitness equipment that Gym Source sells.

  • Do you have the Right Flooring for your Fitness Space?

    Home gym flooring

    At Gym Source, we recommend building your fitness space from the ground up. Flooring is an often overlooked, but important piece of the puzzle. There are a number of types of flooring available including rubber, wood, laminate, cork, and foam. Of these, the most popular seller by far is rubber, which accounts for about 90% of our flooring sales. Let’s look at different types of rubber flooring to help you find the right kind for your home fitness space:

    Mats: A Simple Solution

    Mats are a quick, easy solution for protecting both your floor and your fitness equipment. They’re perfect for smaller fitness areas where you’re not looking to replace your current flooring - just throw down a mat wherever you need it. It’s a less permanent option; just move it around as you need to. Gym source offers anti-vibration shock mats, which absorb 80% of a machine’s vibration and noise, so you can work out without disturbing your downstairs neighbors. This one is great for ellipticals.

    Interlocking Tiles: Easy to Install

    Interlocking tiles offer the same benefits of mats, but they can cover more area. Easy to install, they’re laid down on top of your existing flooring and are not glued down. They are a high quality, durable flooring solution that will also cut down on equipment noise and vibration. Try Dodge AktivLok™ Interlocking Rubber Tiles to make your fitness area look sleek without the commitment of permanent flooring.

    Wall-to-Wall Flooring: A Professional Look

    Wall to wall flooring is glued down to be permanently installed in your fitness area. As with all rubber flooring, the thicker the material, the more sound it will absorb. Everroll® is the most popular material used for wall-to-wall. It looks great, comes in a many different colors, and is VERY durable. You can use it to cover a large area, creating an attractive fitness space you’ll want to be in.

    Not all Flooring is Created Equal

    When looking for the right home gym flooring for your fitness space, remember to consider quality as well as price. Some options might be inexpensive, but they’re not durable. Remember, you get what you pay for. That goes for selecting different grades of rubber, too. In general, the quality of flooring is based on thickness, density of color, and quality of rubber. High quality rubber offers more color options, more durability, and less rubber odor.

    Gym Source on the Ground Floor

    We know how important flooring is to the overall aesthetic and quality of your fitness space so we have many options to ensure you get the precise look and feel that you want. All of the flooring that we offer is commercial grade, so your home gym can have the same quality flooring as a sports facility. Samples are available at any Gym Source store, so stop by, speak to one of our experts and feel the quality for yourself!

  • How do you get hockey fit?

    Hockey Fit

    Anyone who has seen a hockey game knows that, under all the padding, hockey players are some of the most fit and conditioned athletes in the world.  In addition to training in the rink, they also work tirelessly off the ice (some in Gym Source gyms) to become stronger, faster, and more agile than they were last season.

    1. Sprinting for Speed

    Speed makes hockey games exciting. The average NHL player skates at speeds over 20 MPH.  Physicist Thomas Humphry says that skating is "the fastest way to travel on the surface of the earth on your feet." Basically, skating means speed. So yeah, you have to be fast.

    Although players’ shifts only last a couple of minutes at a time, there is no downtime on the ice. They must be prepared for short, intense bursts of action. Sprinting drills are a great way to get in top speed shape. Try sprints on a TRUE PS800 Treadmill, it’s got one of the largest running surfaces available in a treadmill.

    2. A Strong Core for a High Score

    Strengthening your core is important in almost any sport or physical activity. It’s especially important in hockey conditioning. Having a strong core gives you stability - and anyone who’s ever stepped foot on the ice knows how crucial that is. For most people, keeping your balance while skating is hard enough… imagine having to handle a puck too! Exercises that focus on your abdominals and your back, like working with a Bosu Ball, will give you the strength and stability of power players.

    3. Lower Body Strength for Star Power

    Hockey players have incredible lower body strength. Special attention has to be given to the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Leg presses, squats, leg extension exercises, and especially leg curls with a Cybex Prestige Strength VRS Prone Leg Curl machine are great to power up the lower body like an NHL star.

    4. Upper Body Matters Too

    To stay hockey fit, no muscle group can be ignored. Many people think that success in the rink is built on leg strength alone, but upper body strength is also important for effective shoulder movements and arm swings. So, grab some weights – try the innovative NuBells - and work on that upper body. Overhead presses, chest presses, and pushups are simple and effective ways to increase upper body power.

    5. Flexibility Counts

    Flexibility is essential in hockey. The sport requires a huge range of motion. Hockey is as much about movement as it is about speed and power. There’s a reason you always see hockey players stretching during warm-ups: to prevent injury and to increase flexibility.  Stretching each muscle group decreases your risk of injury and helps you move more effectively.

    Workouts that increase your speed and upper/lower body strength will have you ready, not only to hit the ice, but for any other physical activity as well. Hockey is a tough sport and full body strength is important, but remember to pay attention to your stability and flexibility to be truly hockey fit.

  • The New and Improved Zero Runner ZR8: The Running Innovation You’ve Been Waiting For

    In the words of Octane, “The era of smarter training has arrived.”

    For street runners, no machine can match the feeling of running in the great outdoors. Treadmills and ellipticals are comparable, but not quite the same motion. Training on equipment for a distance run can often throw you off because the movement is just the slightest bit different. But, with winter quickly approaching, you need an indoor alternative.

    Enter the Zero Runner ZR8, the next generation Zero Runner.

    Zero Runner ZR8

    Designed with your Stride in Mind

    Runners, this machine is like nothing you’ve ever stepped foot on before.

    The Zero Runner ZR8 boasts absolutely ZERO impact. It traces your natural gait to ensure you’re moving in a way that works for your body; you’re not changing your stride to fit a machine. Its natural, smooth feel and range of motion is the closest you’ll get to running on the street, in your own home.

    The ZR8 was built for speed. Its aircraft-grade aluminum legs and lightweight pedals move at the speed you need. The legs are half the weight of its predecessor, the ZR7. It’s great for sprints, as well as distance training. Its independent pedals allow for a freer motion and better flexibility than traditional cardio machines.

    Come into a Gym Source store near you and try the enhanced Zero Runner Z8. It’s a completely unique addition to your home fitness space that gets you as close as possible to running outside, even in the coldest depths of winter.

    Zero Runner ZR8

  • Clip in. Your guide to committing to your indoor cycle.

    5 am. Ugh. What were you thinking when you set that alarm? Do you really need to get on the indoor cycle this morning? Begrudgingly, you get up. It’s a matter of commitment. However, until you’re actually clipped in, anything can happen to prevent your workout from actually happening.

    Here’s how we like to look at it: each kind of workout has a point of commitment. With running, it’s that first step. With hitting the pool, it’s diving in. For those who lift, that point of commitment occurs the instant they set foot in their fitness space. But before you get to your point of commitment, the phone might ring. You might remember something – anything – to get out of this workout. But clipping in means it’s go time. One push of your indoor cycle’s pedal and you’re on your way, committed to finishing another good workout and taking one more step towards your goal.

    Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

    It’s easier to stay committed when you are focused on your goals. You know that phrase, eye on the prize?  Well, why not actually visualize hitting some of your goals? Keep your smaller personal goals in mind, too. They’re another motivating factor to focus on while debating getting out of bed. Remember, your goal doesn’t have to be outrageous. You’d be amazed how setting small goals can actually lead to big results. A simple goal: just make your workout better today than it was yesterday.

    Keep Your Workout Interesting

    Boredom is the enemy of progress – especially when it comes to fitness workouts. It’s easier to stay committed if you keep your workouts interesting, whatever that means to you. It might be setting up competitions with your friends or listening to motivational speeches during your workout. Try out a new playlist. Maybe you’re data driven and like to monitor your heart rate or progress. Gym Source has equipment that lets you set and monitor time, distance, or calorie goals during your workout. We also have machines that let you monitor your heart by displaying different colors for specific target heart rate zones.

    Whether you’re using an indoor cycle, treadmill, or any piece of gym equipment, keeping your workout fun and interesting is a great way to stay motivated – and that’s the key to making good on your commitment to your workout…and to yourself.

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    Each month, Gym Source features an employee who exemplifies the passion for fitness innovation and dedication to customer service for which the company is known. Continue reading

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