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When it comes to boxing, whether traditional or mixed martial arts, preparation is critical to improving performance during matches. Balazs Boxing produces a wide range of boxing bags and adjustable platforms that are designed to help practitioners improve their endurance and increase their strength while also honing their speed and agility.

Each boxing bag manufactured by Balazs is constructed from durable, heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon canvas. Stuffed with non-cotton rag material, these boxing bags from Balazs pack better and provide less settling than traditional cotton rag stuffed heavy bags.

The inclusion of twist-free swivels with these bags ensures that users are able to get in a hassle-free workout while focusing more on perfecting their punches and kicks while spending less time on setting up their bags. In addition to boxing speed bags, Balazs also produces double-end ready Muay Thai bags that are ideal for practitioners of Muay Thai.

In order to obtain an effective workout, speed bag platforms must be solid. Platforms lacking a solid construction typically lose the energy from a user's punch, making workouts counterproductive and ineffective. Balazs understands this and produces a variety of wall mounts and bag platforms that provide the sturdy mounts necessary to keep bags in a secure position. Featuring stiff frames constructed from heavy gauge steel, these platforms are designed to provide superior vibration resistance and strength. The retractable heavy bag wall mount is the ideal choice for individual users and fitness facilities where space is at a premium, making it ideal for multi-purpose rooms. When this mount is not in use, the bag can be rotated to a stored position. This retractable wall mount is capable of being attached to any standard wall.

When nothing but the best will do, Balazs boxing bags and wall mounts are the ideal choice for effective workouts.

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